Player webmaster posted a message on 28/05 17:21 on the Wonderz & QuoVerbis Forum: Carnival: the Mega Jackpot increases. Answer him on Wonderz & QuoVerbis and exchange with other players

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Subject :Carnival: the Mega Jackpot increases
Number of Messages: 3424
28/05/2010 17:21:12


Another new feature on Carnival: the Mega Jackpot increases and goes up to 2000 Euros !

It is in addition to the reduction in the size of the grid done yesterday.
You have all the more chances to win one of the 2 lootings, as well as the many gifts!

Good games!
The Web'.

Number of Messages: 30
29/07/2010 10:24:01

If only that could increase for the games that we do every day it would not be bad either but when you drop the points as you please you do not warn on the forum why ??? Besides, the people who are unhappy this do not work out quite the contrary for us players what a shame!

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