Player webmaster posted a message on 28/06 10:00 on the Wonderz & QuoVerbis Forum: Mega-Challenge. Answer him on Wonderz & QuoVerbis and exchange with other players

Discover Pharaoh
Bootee Game Pharaoh
A Huawei P20 Pro Pro Blue to be won
Discover Safe Box Impact
Safe Box Impact
Zoe and Wynter avoid the traps of a Shadowz safe in this puzzle game where you have to play with gravity to succeed!
Discover Wonderz Pinball
Wonderz Pinball
The Wonderz take you into their world with this very nice pinball game!
Discover Battle
Battle Booty Game
1000 Points to be won
Sirocco Scratch Ticket
Number of remaining tickets :1395 / 3000
USD 1 000 to be won

Subject :Mega-Challenge
Number of Messages: 3431
28/06/2012 10:00:35

Hi everybody!

This week to win as 1st prize at Mega-Challenge:
- On MadWin -> 1st price: a wake up call with iPhone Station
- On QuoVerbis -> 1st prize: a Waffle
- On CadoVillage -> 1st prize: Angry Birds Board Game

The 2nd prize is:
- On MadWin: the Metronome DVD
- On QuoVerbis: The John Carter DVD
- On CadoVillage: the DVD Journey to the Center of the Earth 2

Good games.

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